Ons stel graag ons sendelinge/sendingpare bekend. Lees gerus hul nuutste nuus of vind meer uit oor elkeen deur op hul skakels te kliek.

Gabriel en Caroline Beinde Gaston, Njdamena Chad

Gabriel is a partner for Petra, with a passion for children’s ministry in African countries like Chad, Nigeria & Cameroon.
He trains church leaders and sunday school teachers in children’s ministry. He loves organising inter village football championships (between 6 surrounding villages) with youth living in areas of conflict, alcoholism and poverty - soccer becomes the platform to spread the gospel.
He also has a prison ministry where he shares the gospel. For 2022 he wants to organize a cultural week in the prison and use this as an opportunity to preach the gospel and to distribute 200 french Bibles.
For his wife’s 50th birthday they dream of feeding 200 street boys and girls and by so doing, show them that God loves them. He uses the Jesus film in outreaches but currently struggles with resources like projectors, screens and generators.
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Bennett & Jessica Shunmugam, Malvern, Durban, KZN

The Lord led them to plant a church called The Vine Family Church in Malvern, Durban, KZN.
Their primary focus is to obey the great commision of the Lord in Matt. 28: 18 - 20 with the mission to go to all people and make them disciples of Christ and to teach them to obey all that Christ has commanded. The community is made up of Hindu and other non-committed people of all races. They are currently based at NG Durban-Wes. Bennett does an English bible study here.
The nature of their work requires them to present the message of Christ with wisdom, so no one is offended. The Lord led them to build a retreat ministry called The Potters Wheel. The vision is to develop a spiritual retreat, with facilities to accommodate those who will be attending the programs. The mission of this retreat centre is to help people become whole in spirit, soul and body, through biblical counseling and prayer (1 Thess. 5:23)
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Jonny Ndlovu, Community of Hope, Buschbuck Ridge

Jonny planted a church called Calvary Christian church with the vision to:
1. Preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the nations of the world, starting from Kildare in Bushbuckridge. Matt 28:18-20.
2. Establish and lead 3 new branches in 2022 with trained and ordained pastors for ministry - they already have 2 other branches.
3. Continue to grow the skills and computer center and the creché. (Currently having challenges with the buildings due to the heavy rains over the last year.)
Their farming project is still continuing, enabling the elderly in the community to farm mealies, morogo, pumpkins, peas, watermelons and many other vegetables. They work with partners to secure seeds for their winter vegetable garden.
They have a need for a tent to use in crusades and are trusting God for provision. Outreaches are core to their ministry. Zodwa, Jonny’s wife, started a sewing project with the aim to help young women master a new skill and work with their hands.
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Katlego (Steven) & Jermina Kgaswane, Mamelodi

Steven planted a church called Jesus Life Community in Mamelodi. His passion is to share the Good News of the gospel.
He focusses on church services, revival outreaches and prayer meetings. He started a children’s ministry for children from very poor families, focusing on an aftercare programme and a soup kitchen over the weekends. More than 50 children benefit from this ministry. He need gas supply to help with soup preparations on the gas stove on the church grounds.
Revelation corner is another ministry focus where Steven distributes bibles, food parcels and the Good news to people looking for job opportunities on the street corners of Wapadrand and Equestria.
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Hannes en Elzaan de Villiers, Evangelisasie & MIV bewusmaking, Suid-Afrika

Hannes is the coordinator of the Lynnwood Ridge Community of Hope Ministry. The aim of the ministry is to restore hope but also to create a model that can be contextualized and implemented in other communities. Hannes also focuses on the development of a wide network in the mission community as well as mentorship of leaders involved in community projects.
Building Hope Foundation

Jacques & Juliette Mbiya, Community of Hope - Lynnwoodrif and Garankuwa

Jacques’ ministry started in 2010 in zone 14, Garankuwa. They are still involved as spiri-tual advisors to the church, church outreach programmes, as well as community development projects like the food garden and a day care centre.
During 2019 they were called to work in Lynnwood Ridge Community of Hope. He started an English service on Sundays and also a Wednesday service, ministering to job seekers. Following evangelism activities, the need arose to start a home cell group, guiding new believers and providing individual counseling to people in need.
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Sergio & Annette Rosell, Madrid Spanje

Die Rossell’s het ‘n nuwe roeping om op die Saint James Way, in die noorde van Spanje, pelgrims op die roete te bedien.

Tans hou hulle toesig oor ‘n aantal huiskerke in die weste van Madrid. Sergio bied ook klasse aan in Nuwe testament by die plaaslike universiteit en Annet bied engelse klasse by die plaaslike skool. Ons gemeente is vir hulle ‘n anker-gemeente buite Spanje en emosionele ondersteuning asook voorbidding is vir hulle van groot waarde